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NFL Marks Taiwan as Part of China

Thursday, December 16th, 2021

League looks the other way on CCP's territorial aggression

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Repeat Offender: Katie Couric Edited RBG Interview to Remove Criticism of NFL Protests

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

Veteran journalist was involved in 2016 doc that misrepresented gun-rights activists

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VIDEO: Richard Sherman’s Domestic Violence Arrest Foreshadowed by Thug-Like Behavior

Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

Media declared it racist to criticize his angry outbursts

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NFL Mimics Other Left-Wing Orgs by Embracing Anti-Asian Bigotry

Monday, May 24th, 2021

Eugene Chung told he was 'not the right minority' during coaching interview

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WATCH: A Tale of Two Victories

Monday, February 8th, 2021

Celebrating the Super Bowl is more dangerous than celebrating the election, journalists warn

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TRUMP WINS AGAIN: Heartland Chiefs Humiliate Colin Kaepernick’s Former Team in Super Bowl

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

Nancy Pelosi's 'Poop City' Niners blow 10-point lead in stunning defeat

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Bush: Veterans Give Americans a Reason to Be Optimistic

Sunday, November 11th, 2018

NBC sports reporter: 'We are going through some challenging times in this country right now'