Liberal Comedian Chelsea Handler Just Learned What Gerrymandering Is

August 26, 2016

Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler sat down with MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts on Friday to talk about her involvement with "Rock the Vote" while admitting she's just now learning about basic political terms like gerrymandering and superdelegates.

Roberts asked Handler about her Netflix show, Chelsea, and what feedback she was receiving from fans about her incorporation of politics onto her show.

"I'm learning a lot about politics in general," she said. "A lot of things I didn't really know. Breaking down things like gerrymandering or superdelegates and having people come on and explain to everybody so you have a clear idea, because I've heard those terms for so long," she said. "You think you know them, but then when somebody explains it to you, it's a little bit different than what you thought it was or realize you don't really know exactly what you were talking about in the first place, like I feel all the time."

Prior to admitting that she often doesn't know what she's talking about with politics, Roberts played one of Handler's Rock the Vote ads about the importance of going to the polls to vote to save the Supreme Court and voting Democratic to give women "more control over our lady parts."

"If you stay at home on election day, you'll join the other dumbcicles not voting. Don't be a dumbcicle. Why? I've got two words for you. Supreme Court. Women. The next president gets to appoint someone who will have more control over our lady parts than the thought of Kyle Chandler and Jon Hamm washing my Tesla with me inside," she said.

Rock the Vote is classified as a nonpartisan organization focused on motivating young people to register to vote. However, celebrities like Handler often use the organization to try to persuade young people to vote for Democratic candidates. Its 2014 ad featured multiple left-wing celebrities talking about why they were voting, which included "deforestation," "global warming awareness," and "reproductive rights."

The Republicans retook the Senate that year.