How to Carve a Pumpkin With a Pair of Colt .45s

October 14, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner and many people are getting into the spirit of the season. There's lots of pumpkin pie being baked, pumpkin seeds being cooked, and pumpkin lattes being brewed.

However, YouTube star Hickok45 has a whole new spin on one tradition: pumpkin carving.

Instead of the traditional carving knife, Hickok used a pair of nickel-plated Colt .45 single-action revolvers. "I understand a lot of you are still trying to carve your pumpkin with a knife," he said. "I really just don't understand that. I mean, knives are just too big.

"I think a long, long time ago cowboys got that one figured out."

Hickok then precedes to shoot a festive smiley face into the orange squash.

This isn't the first pumpkin carving innovation the popular YouTuber has brought to the world. Last year, he carved a pumpkin with a Henry rifle. In 2014, he carved one with a .44 magnum. Before that, it was a Desert Eagle. Then, a classic Colt 1911. In 2011, he took a full-auto AK-47 to a pumpkin. Before that, it was a Glock 23. And, of course, to start it all off, he carved a pumpkin with a Glock 21.

Who knows what he will come up with next year?

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