Dems Jumpstart Gun-Control Efforts

Proposals could delay purchases up to 20 days, ban private sale of used guns

Two new Democratic proposals could force gun buyers to wait up to three times longer to receive their weapon and could ban the private sale of used guns.

Ford Wants Its Cars Back From the NRA 

Automaker fears gun group will miss payments amid bankruptcy

Ford wants a federal bankruptcy court to seize cars it is leasing to the NRA due to concerns that the beleaguered gun group will not make payments.

Gun-Control Groups Lash Out at Biden

March For Our Lives demands gun czar, accuses Biden of ignoring violence in minority communities

Gun-control activists are accusing President Joe Biden of ignoring gun violence and endangering minorities.

New York AG Moves to Toss NRA Bankruptcy

Democrat AG Letitia James looks to seize NRA assets

New York attorney general Letitia James (D.) asked a federal bankruptcy judge to dismiss the NRA's case in a bid to prevent the gun-rights group from relocating to Texas.