Trump Predecessor Delights Despondent Libs in Rare Unpaid Speaking Gig

2020 candidates continue to besmirch his legacy

October 25, 2019

Former president Barack Obama, the fourth-greatest living individual to occupy the White House, delivered an unpaid speech Friday at the funeral service for Rep. Elijah Cummings (D.) of Maryland.

America's libs, many of whom have succumbed to derangement and despondency in light of President Donald Trump's historically successful presidency, were delighted to see their beloved orator back on the public stage. The occasion allowed the libs to pretend, if only for a moment, that Obama was still president.

Obama, who is typically paid large sums to give speeches, is not as beloved a figure among the Democrats running for president in 2020. His name is rarely mentioned in the primary debates, and many aspects of Obama's legacy—including his work on health care, immigration, and trade—have come under attack for not being liberal enough.

In his spare time, the former president is producing content for Netflix and working on his third memoir. He will never be president again. Sorry, libs.