American Greatness Under Threat: KFC Dabbles in Plant-Based ‘Chicken’

A gateway drug to full communism?

One of President Donald J. Trump's favorite restaurants has surrendered to the liberal mob. KFC, the fast-food chain with an acronym that used to stand for "Kentucky Fried Chicken," has begun serving vegan fried "chicken" with the help of Beyond Meat, the controversial "food" corporation specializing in plant-based meat alternatives that envisions itself as "the future of protein."

Starting today, KFC is testing out the meatless morsels—Beyond Fried Chicken—at a single location near Atlanta, Georgia. The restaurant appears to have gone all out for the occasion.

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The move makes KFC the first national fast-food chain in the country to incorporate a Beyond Meat product into its menu.

Beyond Meat has garnered much publicity of late for its efforts to perfect the meatless "hamburger," but the company focused mostly on plant-based "chicken" at its inception. Earlier this year, however, the company discontinued its "chicken" products, pulling them from grocery stores shelves because they "weren’t delivering the same plant-based meat experience as some of our more popular products." Former New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman described an early iteration of Beyond Meat chicken strips as  "bland, unexciting and not very chicken-like."

KFC will consider customer feedback before deciding whether to introduce Beyond Fried Chicken on a larger scale. For the time being, the restaurant has not caved entirely to the obnoxious demands of hardcore vegans. The fake chicken will still be cooked in the same fryers as actual chicken, which is considered problematic in some circles of dietary fanatics.

President Trump, a proud meat-lover and patriotic American, has yet to weigh in on the controversy involving one of his favorite restaurants. In perhaps the most iconic image from the 2016 presidential campaign, a beaming Trump was photographed aboard his private plane as he prepared to chow down on a KFC chicken bucket.

His silence is deafening.