Harry Reid Surrenders to the Koch Brothers

December 10, 2014

Future Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is profiled in today’s New York Times. Amazingly, the Koch brothers are not mentioned once.

Reid’s unconditional surrender in the War on Koch is not surprising in light of the profound beating his colleagues suffered in the midterm elections, a bloodbath some Democrats privately blame on Reid. Six Democrats voted against keeping him on as party leader.

According to Reid, voters actually like Democrats, it’s just that the party didn’t communicate its message well enough. In other words, the Democratic message of "Koch brothers" was insufficient to drive voters to the polls.

Despite constantly attacking the right-leaning philanthropists on the Senate floor, Reid was unable to convince voters to care; the Koch brothers are more popular than he is.

We’ll see how long the ceasefire lasts. Until then, enjoying living in Kochtopia.