CNN: Harry Reid 'Beating Up on Obama' for Midterms, Some Dem Senators Privately Blame Reid

December 10, 2014

Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) is walking on thin ice as his party transitions from the majority to the minority, and he is trying to maintain his position as a rift grows between progressive and moderate Democrats.

Reid blamed the poor Obamacare rollout in a Politico interview for the Democrats weak status, but has vowed to block "crazy stuff" that may come up in the new Senate.

Nia-Malika Henderson spoke on CNN regarding Democratic infighting, saying, "I think we're going to see more of this mouthing off from democrats in terms of this president and also Harry Reid is in this new place where he's got these two wings of the party more moderate and more progressive."

CNN's Peter Hamby noted how the Progressive wing of the Democratic party is on the rise due to Reid’s efforts to block legislation.

"Progressives feel emboldened in this moment and there are plenty of democratic senators, they may not say on the record who don't like how Harry Reid handled legislation during 2014," Hamby said.  Harry Reid "didn't bring any bills to the floor to give them something to vote on and go back to their constituents and say, ‘I passed this.’"