Chelsea: The Poorest Clinton

Mere $600K salary suggests aversion to capitalism

June 13, 2014

Today, we learned that Chelsea Clinton has been taking home an annual salary of $600,000 for her work as a "special correspondent" for NBC News.

In case you had no idea NBC News was employing the Clinton scion, here is an example of her "work":

On the one hand, $600,000 seems like a fair salary for an only child who has to support her struggling parents. On the other, Chelsea’s annual income is equivalent to what Hillary Clinton receives for three hours of work on the public speaking circuit. It also pales in comparison to Bill Clinton’s nine-figure speaking windfall.

Left-wing reporter Lee Fang makes a sensible observation:

On a related note, NBC is owned by Comcast, a company that has effectively bought the Democratic Party, and is currently awaiting the Obama administration’s approval for its proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable—a move that would create the largest cable conglomerate in the country.

Maybe the fact that Chelsea Clinton got paid $600,000 to conduct fake interviews with animated lizards is an example of influence peddling. Or maybe it shows a disconcerting aversion to capitalism. While her parents are struggling to become billionaires, Chelsea is barely scraping by on six-figures. That's not very American.

Full disclosure: The Washington Free Beacon is an anti-Clinton website.