Kamala Harris Fights Inflation With Unpopularity

The cost of a VP photo op has plunged 67 percent since May

• June 21, 2022 4:25 pm


Kamala Harris is doing her part to fight inflation. While the cost of gas and household items has skyrocketed since Harris took office, her historically low approval rating has dramatically reduced the market price of a vice presidential photo op.

Last month, for example, the Democratic National Committee was forced to reschedule a major fundraising event, hosted by Harris, due to lackluster ticket sales. Tickets for the annual Women's Leadership Forum, originally scheduled for late May, started at $250 for general admission. Premium tickets that included a chance to take a photo with the vice president started at $15,000. Even rich Democrats thought that was a bit much. The lack of interest in these high-tier tickets was ultimately what prompted event organizers to postpone the forum until the fall.

The DNC slashed the price of a photo with Harris by two-thirds—from $15,000 to just $5,000—ahead of an upcoming fundraiser in the VP's home state of California, according to Puck News. The 67 percent decline in price since early May, when invites to the Women's Leadership Forum were originally sent out, is a welcome development given the Biden administration's general incompetence when it comes to getting inflation under control. The average price of gas, by contrast, has increased roughly 20 percent during that time period, breaking records along the way.

Joe Biden, 79, is one of the most unpopular presidents in American history. Democrats have grown increasingly concerned that he is simply "too old" to run for reelection in 2024. If Biden decides not to run, few Democrats are convinced that Harris has what it takes to win a national election. A Washington Free Beacon analysis determined that Harris is the second-least talented politician in the country behind Hillary Clinton.

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