KARMIC JUSTICE: Dems Lose Baseball Game, Female Cyclists Crash on First Day of Biden Recession

An ominous sign for Democrats heading into the midterms

July 29, 2022

The first day of President Joe Biden's economic recession coincided with two embarrassing fiascos that some believe are karmic retribution for the Democratic Party's efforts to destroy the American Dream.

On Thursday, hours after the White House announced that the U.S. economy shrank by almost 1 percent in the second quarter, marking two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, Democratic lawmakers were blown out 10-0 by their Republican counterparts in the annual congressional baseball game. Democrats are now 0-2 in the Biden era following the humiliating defeat.

That same day, the first-ever female Tour de France was marred by a massive pileup of women cyclists. Dozens of riders were thrown off their stupid bicycles and several were injured in the crash, which took place just 45 kilometers from the finish line. The scene was reminiscent of the hilarious crash caused by a sign-carrying pedestrian during last year's non-female Tour de France. The sign received a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year award for its courageous assault on the depraved cyclists.

Despite all of these embarrassing setbacks for Biden and his Democratic allies, the mainstream media are working overtime to gaslight the American people into thinking bad news is actually good news. Politico, for example, wrote that Biden is on the verge of a political comeback and might be "a better president than people thought." Meanwhile, in the real world, just 38 percent of Americans approve of Biden's job performance, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average.