WATCH: Two Minutes of Joe Biden Wandering Around Looking Lost


October 10, 2022

President Joe Biden does not seem to realize where he is and what is going on at any given moment. He typically concludes his public appearances by wandering around looking lost and confused like a sad old man loitering in a Wendy's parking lot after missing the shuttle bus back to the nursing home.

This is elder abuse. In the interest of speaking truth to power, the Washington Free Beacon has compiled two minutes' worth of footage documenting the cruelty that Biden's handlers have inflicted on our hapless geezer in chief.

Sleepy Joe turns 80 next month. He fell off a bike in June. He can't string together a coherent sentence. During a White House ceremony last month, he attempted to locate and congratulate a dead congresswoman.

Nevertheless, Biden insists he plans to run for reelection in 2024. If Democrats were capable of feeling shame, they would be doing everything in their power to prevent that from happening. No one wants Kamala Harris to be president, but the American people should not be forced to watch as a vulnerable senior citizen is repeatedly abused in public.

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