Bad News for Sleepy Joe: Trump is Crushing Biden on This Vital Metric

American voters aren't blind

(Getty Images)
January 15, 2024

On perhaps the most crucial question of the 2024 election, former president Donald Trump is beating President Joe Biden by nearly 30 points, according to an ABC News poll released over the weekend.

Just 28 percent of Americans said Biden, 81, was in "good enough physical health to effectively serve as president," the poll found, compared with 57 percent who said the same about Trump. Poll respondents were similarly skeptical that Biden had "the mental sharpness it takes to effectively serve as president," with just 28 percent answering in the affirmative, compared with 47 percent who expressed confidence in Trump's cognitive health.

That's very bad news for Biden, who is sometimes referred to as "Sleepy Joe." It's no wonder that, according to the poll, just 33 percent of Americans approve of the president's job performance, which is several points worse than Trump's lowest approval rating as president, and the worst of any president since George W. Bush in 2008. Biden's approval rating among black and Hispanic adults is down double-digits compared with his historical averages with those groups.

American voters aren't blind. As the Washington Free Beacon has conclusively demonstrated on a weekly basis since July 2022, Biden is way too old and impaired (both cognitively and physically) to serve another four-year term as president. He would be 86 by the time he left office, for crying out loud. He can't stop falling down, and he does not appear to even realize he is president, rather than a member of the U.S. Senate, where he served for nearly four decades.

"My name's Joe Biden. I work for the government in the Senate," the octogenarian president (falsely) told coffee shop employees during a recent stop in Pennsylvania.

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