Yuichiro Kakutani

Pennsylvania Unions End Membership Mandates

Government unions abandon automatic enrollment after suits

Some of Pennsylvania's most powerful labor unions have removed a key hurdle for workers who wish to resign their membership following a series of class action lawsuits.

Warren Gives Unions Lobbying Loophole

Senator's anti-lobbying plan appears to punish corporations while strengthening labor lobbyists

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren's anti-lobbying tax appears to leave union lobbyists and other Democratic interests untouched.

Constitutional Scholars: Warren’s Lobbying Tax May Violate Constitution

Massachusetts senator proposes heavy taxes for lobbying activities

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren's new anti-lobbying plan may infringe on free speech rights, according to several legal scholars. Sen. Warren (D., Mass.) released a plan to target lobbyists with additional disclosure requirements, as well as "a new tax on excessive lobbying that applies to every corporation and trade organization that spends over $500,000 per year lobbying our government."

GOP Slams Top Dem Governor for No-Bid Contract

R.I. governor Raimondo faces ethics inquiry for $1 billion no-bid deal with party deputy's company

The nation's most influential Democratic governor is embroiled in an ethics scandal after awarding a $1 billion no-bid contract to one of the party's top fundraisers.

Alaska Institutes Opt-In Unions

2018 Supreme Court decision declared mandatory union dues, fees unconstitutional

Public sector unions in Alaska will no longer be able to automatically collect dues from workers after Republican governor Mike Dunleavy instituted the nation's first statewide "opt-in" system of unionization.

Warren Invested in Private Prisons

2020 Dem has pledged to ban private prisons

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren wants to ban all private prisons because "no one should make a profit locking people up," but the senator has financially benefited from private prison companies.