Obama Co-Conspirator Finally Brought to Justice for Role in Bald Eagle Wind Farm Genocide

Energy firm admits guilt in bird murder case, former POTUS remains at large

April 7, 2022

A renewable energy firm that conspired with former president Barack Obama to maim and murder hundreds of majestic bald eagles has finally been brought to justice.

ESI Energy, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, was sentenced in federal court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to three criminal counts of violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The company will serve five years probation and was ordered to pay more than $8 million in fines and restitution for its role in the deaths of at least 150 eagles that were slashed to pieces by its wind turbines.

Federal prosecutors assailed NextEra for its "blatant disregard of wildlife laws" and argued that the actual number of murdered eagles is likely much higher than the 150 cited in court documents because many of the birds killed by wind turbines are effectively obliterated by the powerful spinning blades, meaning the carcasses can not be recovered.

NextEra, which operates more than 100 wind farms in the United States and Canada, received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal tax credits as part of Obama's efforts to promote renewable energy. The Obama administration typically granted permits to operators of wind and solar farms that exempted them from federal laws prohibiting the killing of bald eagles and other protected species. NextEra didn't even bother to apply for these permits, which prosecutors said gave the company an advantage over its competitors that did seek Obama's permission to commit bird genocide.

Wind farms during the Obama administration were responsible for the murder of more than 573,000 birds each year, including 83,000 hawks, falcons, and eagles, according to the Associated Press. Weaponized solar farms, which also benefited from taxpayer subsidies, were another key component of Obama's genocide campaign. Sunlight reflected from the massive arrays of solar panels creates a "kill zone" where temperatures can reach up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Bloomberg, some birds are "incinerated in flight," while others fall to their deaths after having their feathers singed. Birds that survive the fall are often "too injured to fly and are killed on the ground by predators."

NextEra has been forced to account for its role in the decimation of America's majestic bald eagles, a powerful symbol of freedom and prosperity around the world. Meanwhile, the mastermind who orchestrated the genocide continues to elude justice while refusing to accept responsibility for his crimes against nature. As long as Obama remains at large—or anywhere that isn't a federal prison—Americans have every right to complain that our justice system is rigged.

Lock him up.

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