Joe Schoffstall

The Fall of Democratic Power Player Ed Buck

Arrested California Dem donor propped up causes and candidates for years

Ed Buck used to mingle with prominent Democrats while simultaneously filling their campaign coffers with generous contributions. All of it came crashing down after two men died in his West Hollywood apartment over the course of two years and, most recently, a third overdosed but survived, leading to Buck's arrest.

Dems Want Donor Disclosures to the IRS for Intimidation Purposes, Critics Say

Proposed rule would exempt political groups from disclosing largest donors to government

IRSThe Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service issued a proposed rule Friday that would make it so nonprofit political groups would not have to disclose their biggest donors to the government. Democrats say the rule would allow an even greater flow of "dark money" to such groups while right-leaning entities praised the proposal and alleged that Democrats want the disclosures to the IRS for potential intimidation purposes.

Soros Fuels Dark Money Judicial Group That Fights Kavanaugh, Trump Nominations

Demand Justice took in $2.6M from Soros nonprofit in 2018

George SorosA "dark money" group that was established to push back against the judicial nominations of President Donald Trump, and which was at the forefront of the battle against Justice Brett Kavanaugh and continues to go after him to this day, was heavily financed by liberal billionaire George Soros around the time of its inception, grants show.