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Slouching Towards BethleMeme: Taylor Lorenz Explains the Internet

REVIEW: 'Extremely Online' by Taylor Lorenz

October 29, 2023

FLASHBACK: Washington Post Calls ISIS Terrorist 'Austere Religious Scholar'

Four years ago today, the 'democracy dies in darkness' crowd mourned the loss of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

October 27, 2023

'Stay Away': Brooklyn Jews Told To Avoid Anti-Israel Rally in Jewish Neighborhood

Crown Heights was the site of deadly anti-Semitic riots in 1991, instigated by Al Sharpton

October 26, 2023

Biden State Dept Celebrates 'Intersex Awareness Day' as Middle East Burns

Administration still recovering from 'pronoun glitch' in email system that traumatized 'misgendered' employees

October 26, 2023

QUIZ: Can You Tell Which Group of Terrorist Sickos Were Bombed in These Photos?

ISIS or Hamas? Syria or Gaza? Terrorists or 'decolonizers'?

October 24, 2023

Hamas Goon Calls Mommy To Brag About How Many Jews He Killed: Report

'I’m using the dead Jewish woman’s phone to call you now,' says evil freak who is probably dead by now and burning in hell

October 24, 2023

'F—ing Idiots': Hillary-Backed Mayoral Candidate Abuses Staff in Leaked Audio

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee commits verbal violence against vulnerable employee: 'I want you to have a f—ing brain!'

October 23, 2023

Climate of Hate: Greta Thunberg Joins Pro-Hamas Resistance

Adult child activist promotes Jew hatred on social media

October 20, 2023