Andrew Stiles

Trump Delivers Another Historic Victory for African Americans

Warnock wins Senate runoff in Georgia as Trump vows to help make Stacey Abrams governor in 2022

President Donald Trump has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to cast aside partisan interests in pursuit of other, far nobler achievements. His recent efforts in Georgia, for example, helped Raphael Warnock become the first black Democrat to represent a southern state in the U.S. Senate. (Tim Scott, a Republican, has represented South Carolina since 2013.)

FWEEDOM RIDER: The Secret Life of Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris has lived an unbelievable life. The aspiring vice president has detailed, in books and interviews, moments from her childhood and early adolescence that inspired her to pursue a career in politics by dating Willie Brown in the mid-1990s. Here are some of the most heartwarming examples:

Trump’s Last Stand

Senate hangs in balance as Trump lashes out at Republicans

Former vice president Joe Biden was in Georgia on Monday to rally support for Democrats in the upcoming Senate elections that could determine control of the upper chamber.

Subversive Democrat Promotes Gender Binary in House Prayer

Claims, without evidence, that God 'created the world and everything in it'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), a woman, has promised the 117th Congress will be "the most inclusive in history." Thanks to her subversive colleague, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D., Mo.), a man, she's off to a rocky start.

Journalist of the Year: Dave Portnoy

Most professional journos have spent the last few weeks congratulating themselves for having “survived” the Trump years. As CNN’s Jim Acosta wrote in his bestselling memoir, it was “a dangerous time to tell the truth in America.” He would know. In 2018, Acosta’s White House press pass was briefly suspended after he grappled with a female intern who attempted to take his microphone.

Truth Check: Warnock Won’t Deny Being a ‘Radical Liberal’

Disagrees with GOP opponent who called domestic abuse allegations 'deeply troubling'

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's coverage of the Senate runoff elections in Georgia has included numerous attempts to "fact check" the candidates, nearly all of which are extremely deferential to the Democratic candidates.