Andrew Stiles

Biden Crushes Castro Apologist in Florida Primary, Nomination Within Sight

Youth prevails again as former VP trounces Bernie Sanders on Wuhan Tuesday

Public events are being canceled left and right as America attempts to combat the Wuhan pandemic unleashed by China. Nevertheless, Democratic primary voters persisted in their efforts to anoint former vice president Joe Biden as their party's nominee in 2020.

Biden Gets Secret Service Protection in Response to Vegan Threat

Former vice president Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, will receive Secret Service protection beginning on Tuesday. The move comes after a series of disruptions at Biden campaign events, such as the time a pair of menacing "anti-dairy" vegan protestors rushed the stage while Biden was speaking at a Super Tuesday rally in Los Angeles.

Biden Poised to Strengthen Hold on Nomination With Big Wins in Florida, Illinois

Bernie's socialist insurgency is running on fumes

Joe BidenNotwithstanding the national disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Democratic primary remains (sort of) a going concern. Democratic voters in at least three states—Arizona, Florida, and Illinois—are set to cast ballots on Tuesday, and the results of these primaries are expected to be favorable to former vice president Joe Biden.

MISOGY-NBC: Joe Biden Shuns Rachel Maddow for Male Colleague

Former vice president Joe Biden doesn't always do interviews, but when he does, he prefers a man. Biden, the 77-year-old candidate who smashed the dreams of millions of little girls across the country by forcing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) to end her campaign, recently shunned MSNBC's Rachel Maddow in a brazen act of misogyny.

Hillary Clinton Can’t Stop Running

Review: 'Hillary' docuseries on Hulu

"I have no regrets; I'm a very grateful person," twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says toward the end of Hillary, the new Hulu documentary series about her life. Like many of her public statements over the years, especially those requiring a modicum of self-reflection, it's not very convincing. The average viewer will understand by then, if they've managed to suffer through the full four-hour running time, what Hillary wishes she could say in front of the camera: "I don't deserve this; I've done nothing wrong."