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Patriotic Shoe Suggestions for Americans Who Love Their Country As Much As They Love Owning Libs

Do tread on these

There’s a new Nike controversy involving a shoe the woke corporation assumed would be a charmingly patriotic way to cash in on the 4th of July holiday spirit. The shoe in question, which featured the original version of the American flag designed by Betsy Ross, was ultimately #cancelled after complaints from Colin Kaepernick, among others, that the flag was offensive due to its association with slavery.

Donald Trump More Patriotic Than Democratic Challengers, Analysis Finds

As Americans from sea to shining sea prepare to celebrate our country’s independence from the tyrant King George, it’s worth taking some time to reflect on how lucky we are to live in a free country governed by a leader — Donald J. Trump — who embodies the tenacious spirit and unyielding stamina of the Founding Fathers.

HEROES: French Police Clear Traffic Jam Caused by Climate Protesters

Even the French can be heroes now and then. Despite getting knocked out of the Women’s World Cup on their home turf after a 2-1 loss to the United States — the most recent example of American athletes enjoying unprecedented success under President Donald J. Trump — the French bounced back with an epic display of winning, and proved that there are indeed some tyrants to which they won’t readily surrender.

Kamala Cruises in Post-Debate Poll

Meanwhile, first African-American female senator rips her 'sad' attacks on Joe Biden

Most pundits agreed that former vice president Joe Biden flopped in last week’s Democratic primary debate in Miami, while Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) turned in an impressive performance. Post-debate polling appears to confirm the conventional wisdom, with Biden and Harris suffering/enjoying the biggest momentum swings in their respective, opposite directions.

Democrats Debate, Donald Trump Calls Game

MIAMI — Homeless vagrants wander the streets, beg for change, and sleep in storefronts surrounding the Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts in downtown Miami. A massive billboard touts the February 2020 arrival of Hamilton, presented by Bank of America, another massive corporation going out of its way to embrace “woke capitalism” by cutting ties with immigrant detention centers and private prisons. Luxury hotels line the streets advertising bottomless mimosa brunches. A Ferrari dealership boasts its unattainable wares. Meanwhile, a stage full of presidential candidates (and one best-selling guru) compete to agree most forcefully with the premise that anyone who steps foot on American soil should be allowed to stay permanently, and be eligible for taxpayer-funded health care — the sorts of policies that have fueled an anti-establishment backlash throughout Europe. They spoke of an “existential threat” to the planet (climate change) that will require the implementation of policies that have sparked a popular revolt in France.

EXCLUSIVE: Beto’s Debate Journal

It’s not uncommon for presidential candidates to scribble down some notes or talking points on sheets of paper during a debate. It is, however, highly unusual for candidates to leave behind a sprawling journal entry of the kind found on Beto O’Rourke’s lectern following Wednesday night’s showdown in Miami. What follow is a (lightly edited) transcript of the document, as obtained by the Washington Free Beacon: