Service Women’s Action Network Taunts Amputee Veteran

VA Headquarters / Twitter

The New York Times profiled Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Gade last week. It was an interesting piece about an interesting man.

Gade, a decorated Army officer and currently a professor at West Point, has been arguing for several years that the current system of payments for disabled veterans does more harm than good. This is, for obvious reasons, a fraught subject. Gade’s consistent point throughout his publications and appearances has been that, while many veterans need disability payments to compensate them for the work they can no longer perform in civilian life due to their injuries, some veterans are harmed by a perverse system of incentives that encourages them to choose, in effect, a sense of victimhood over an attitude of self-help.

Gade has credibility on this issue. He is the recipient of two Purple Hearts, which he earned in Iraq (along with the Bronze Star). The second of his injuries cost him a leg.