Report: Coal Power Plant Shutdowns to Accelerate

Industry, workers blame Obama EPA for layoffs as companies retire larger coal-fired plants

Federal energy regulators are predicting more coal power plant retirements than have yet been announced due to onerous environmental regulations and low natural gas prices.

Hacks Lack Facts in Frack Attacks

Analysis: Environmentalists struggle with accuracy in anti-fracking Politico column
Hydraulic Fracturing site / AP

A pair of prominent environmentalists penned a column Tuesday for Politico Magazine attacking hydraulic fracturing littered with dishonest and incorrect claims.

McCarthy Dodges Environmentalist Coordination Questions

Republicans press EPA chief on apparent collusion with far-left groups
Gina McCarthy / AP

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy dodged questions on Thursday about internal emails that appear to show top EPA officials using agency events to help environmentalist groups gather comments on agency rules.

Sierra Club Pressed EPA to Create Impossible Coal Standards

Environmentalist suggested EPA head was lying when she told reporters coal would remain viable under new standards
coal plant Chicago

Emails between the Sierra Club and the EPA produced through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit show the green group and senior officials at the nation’s top environmental enforcer met and corresponded frequently about the agency’s work on new coal regulations.

Terry McAuliffe Still Silent on EPA Regulations

Experts say new regulations will harm Virginia coal industry
Terry McAuliffe / AP

Democrat Terry McAuliffe has yet to take a position on new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations experts say will damage the coal industry.

EPA Coal Regs Will Require Halving of Carbon Emissions in New Plants

Industry, coal-state Democrats oppose regulations
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy, EPA, Coal

Gina McCarthy, an administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), announced the nation’s top environmental enforcer will require new coal power plants to cut their carbon emission by roughly half of what current plants emit during a news conference at the National Press Club.

‘Pro-Coal’ Democrat Employs Anti-Coal Staffers

Industry insiders question Rep. Nick Rahall’s commitment to coal energy
Rep. Rahall / AP

A prominent backer of a new group that claims to be a pro-coal voice in the Democratic Party has employed numerous staffers who have also worked for or been associated with environmentalist groups that vehemently oppose the use of coal.