On This Day in History: February 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama share a warm embrace / AP


PETA crowns Aretha Franklin "worst dressed" at the Grammys.

A total lunar eclipse happens for the first time of the year.

Hillary and Haylie Duff belatedly celebrated the latter’s Feb. 19 birthday by going clubbing.

Hillary Clinton lashed out at Barack Obama’s wife after losing Wisconsin, Hawaii, and the Teamsters endorsement.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton criticized rival Barack Obama as a big dreamer with little substance on Wednesday as she sought to slow his momentum from 10 straight victories in the race for the party's U.S. presidential nomination.

"We need to dream big, but you know, dreams alone won't make anything," Clinton said while courting Hispanics at a noisy rally in this south Texas town on the Mexican border. "We've got to have solutions to the problems that face us." …

Clinton also seemed to take a shot at Obama's wife, Michelle Obama, after Mrs. Obama raised eyebrows by saying this week in Wisconsin she felt pride in the United States for the first time in her adult life because it felt like hope was returning to the nation.

"This country has given me so many opportunities," Clinton said. "I am proud of the United States of America."

Spice Girls back-up dancer Cruz Beckham turned 3, Kate Upton beau Justin Verlander turned 25, former Republican Charles Barkley turned 45, and current Republican Cindy Crawford turned 42.

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