5 Questions for Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton is running for president, but she keeps pushing back the formal announcement of her campaign in order to avoid the public spotlight and earn as much easy money as she possibly can on the corporate speaking circuit. When she decides to stop kneeling the ball three times and then punting, and finally gets into the fray, here are some questions we’d like to ask her.

Hillary Clinton: A Life in Pictures (Vol. 2)

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Many you enjoyed Volume 1 of our ongoing series “Hillary Clinton: A Life in Pictures,” in which we catalog some of the most colorful moments in a prominent homeowner’s long and extraordinary life in politics. In our latest installment, we explore some of Clinton’s most colorful and controversial associates. Enjoy!

This Is What a Grassroots Army Looks Like


KYIV—It is quarter to midnight on the last night of 2014, and the mass of people pouring out of the Metro station near Sophia Square in the Ukrainian capital is so colorfully adorned it is almost unsettling. One of the more jarring aspects of Kyiv, for a first-time visitor like myself, is the strict black/gray monotony of local dress. On this night, though, the streets are filled with blue and yellow.

Asking GOP Candidates About 10-to-1 Tax Deals Is Stupid

Republicans. (AP)

At the Freedom Partners forum in California on Sunday, ABC News reporter Jon Karl dusted off a familiar question for potential GOP presidential contenders Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul: “Would you accept a deal that included…$10 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax increases?”

It’s a stupid question, and the prospective candidates did a fair enough job explaining why it is without looking ridiculous, which is precisely how the question is designed to make them look. It would be nice if Democrats got asked questions like this more often.

REVEALED: Hillary Clinton’s Secret Plan to Disparage the Obama Legacy


Maybe Hillary Clinton isn’t George Costanza, after all. A new report from the National Journal’s Ron Fournier notes that while Clinton will obviously agree with President Obama’s policies given her poor political track record and inability to articulate sensible policies on her own, she will also seek to distance herself from the president by denigrating …

Hillary Clinton Is George Costanza

It's time for a change.

Hillary Clinton is George Costanza. She had so much promise. She’s rich. She always knows when someone is uncomfortable at a fundraising gala. But it’s just not working. Every decision she’s ever made in her entire life has been wrong. She really wanted to be president in 2008. But because of her poor political skills and an opponent (Barack Obama) who embodied everything she was not, she failed, and was relegated to the edge of the national spotlight for eight years. It’s time to try the opposite.

Paul Krugman’s War on Facts

Paul Krugman wears a fancy medal. (AP)

Taxpayer-funded millionaire Paul Krugman is known for his endless supply of hot takes, as well as his profound sense of self and perpetual outrage. In his latest column for the New York Times, Krugman writes about the same topic all other liberal pundits are writing about: How conservative climate change denial is destroying America. (Tuesday’s Washington Post, for example, includes two separate columns on how the GOP is “Dangerously in denial,” and “Too stubborn for change.”)

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Uses ‘One-Percenter’ Loopholes to Avoid Paying Her Fair Share in Taxes


Hillary Clinton hasn’t always agreed with President Obama on taxes. In 2008, she thought his proposal to hike capital gains taxes “for purposes of fairness,” something the president will bring up again in tonight’s State of the Union address, was a bad idea.

Generally speaking, the tax hike proposals Obama plans to announce put Hillary is a tough position because they target some of her closest friends and Wall Street donors. However, she has long agreed with Obama that the U.S. should have a hefty estate tax in place to ensure the country doesn’t become “dominated by inherited wealth.”

But Hillary and her husband Bill are less fond of actually paying the taxes they want everyone else to pay. As Bloomberg reported last year, the Clintons take advantage of “one-percenter” loophole in the tax code to avoid paying their fair share in estate taxes: