Warren Fundraising Email Compares Her to FDR in Fight Against Wall Street

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren / Getty Images
January 29, 2019

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) campaign compared her to President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Monday in a fundraising email after a report of Wall Street CEOs fretting about her candidacy.

Politico reported on Wall Street being worried about the 2020 field shaping up against President Donald Trump, and an anonymous CEO of a "giant bank" said "it can't be Warren and it can't be [Bernie] Sanders."

Warren's team send out a fundraising email saying the big banks knew Warren would hold them accountable as president. Warren has made a name for herself as a scourge of Wall Street and focused her nascent presidential campaign message on the middle class not getting a fair shake in modern America.

"When big business went after FDR, he said, 'I welcome their hatred.' And Elizabeth won't back down either, because she has something Wall Street can't match: a grassroots movement ready to do whatever it takes to make our economy work for everyone, not just the bankers and billionaires," the fundraising email said.

After requesting a donation, the email concluded, "Thanks for helping us send a powerful message to the big banks and special interests."

In a testament to Warren's reputation as the enemy of big banks, at an Iowa event earlier this month, the crowd booed loudly when she said the words "Wells Fargo."

Roosevelt, a Democratic Party icon whose New Deal policies to combat the Great Depression vastly expanded the federal government's role in the economy, is the only president in history to serve more than two terms. He was elected four times, dying in 1945, less than three months into his fourth term.