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Prominent Green Group Likens Fracking to Rape

Earthworks promotes staffer’s claim that Texas bill allows ‘industry to RAPE people’

An innovative oil and gas extraction technique is analogous to rape, according to a leading environmentalist group opposed to the practice.

The Ties that Bind

Obama appointee’s foundation supported group of convicted domestic terrorist

President Barack Obama’s latest round of appointments includes the head of a nonprofit that gave tens of thousands of dollars to a group run by a convicted domestic terrorist.

Perverting Charity

Kresge Foundation embraces progressive tilt, moves away from helping build hospitals and schools

One of America’s largest foundations has set aside its history of building hospitals, libraries, and schools in order to pour millions into liberal political causes.

Unholy Trinity

George Soros, Georgetown University professors, and self-described ‘Catholic’ group join forces to burn Paul Ryan at the stake

The self-described “Catholic” group protesting Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R., Wis.) speech at Georgetown University Thursday has ties to the Obama administration and left-wing advocacy groups funded by liberal billionaire George Soros.