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Campbell Brown: Teacher Tenure Must End

Former news anchor speaks about her efforts to end teacher protection policies

The first grader stood at the front of the classroom, the rest of his class looking on, laughing, as he scratched “Um” on the blackboard over and over. The teacher, angry with the child for not speaking clearly, brought the child to the front of the classroom to mock and humiliate him. The boy’s crime was that he stuttered. And that teacher, Richard Parlini, is still teaching at the Queens elementary school where this event—and others like it—occurred.

Gutting Pensions to Spite Guns

Chicago hurting pensions to prove political point

Several of the nation’s most imperiled pension funds have cut off investments to profitable weapons manufacturers in the midst of the controversial gun control debate.

A Rahm and a Hard Place

Obama stuck in the middle of Emanuel, Chicago Teachers Union fight

As the Chicago Teachers Union strike enters its fourth day, President Obama finds himself stuck in the middle of the unfolding contract battle between the city and the labor union.