2018 WAFCA Winners

As a film critic of medium-low importance, one of my most sacred duties is participating in the Washington Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA) year-end awards extravaganza. During this hallowed time of year, I watch dozens of movies and mine my own recollection of the good, the bad, and the ugly to determine what, precisely, the best films of the year were. At the end of this grueling process—this death march through endless stacks of DVDs, searching for the rarest pearl in an ever-increasing sea of muck—we WAFCA members nominate up to five films/people in each category. The five films/people who earn the most votes in every category are then voted upon by the whole of the membership, the winners are chosen, the press release is sent out, and blessed, blessed relief descends upon us as we put the exercise to rest for 11 months.

‘Widows’ Review


Widows is well cast and perfectly acted, tells a compelling story about how corruption aids outright criminality without being overly didactic about it, and is directed with a firmness one might expect from an Oscar-winning director whose command of visual storytelling verges on the total. If it weren’t for the fact that there’s one twist too many, it would be a nearly perfect movie.

Stan Lee, RIP

Sad news from TMZ: Stan Lee, the visionary who led Marvel’s Silver Age renaissance and changed the comic book game forever, has died. He was 95. Others will write more exhaustive tributes to the legendary writer, celebrating his decision to grant superheroes everyday problems—Peter Parker the inability to hold down a job (or a girlfriend); …

Mattis-Bezos 2024?

An interesting tidbit on levels of institutional trust in the United States: For Democrats, the most trusted institution in the country is Amazon. For Republicans, it is the military (Amazon is #3).https://t.co/FWwtxr0s6Y pic.twitter.com/HPJ42ino7D — John Robb (@johnrobb) October 24, 2018 As John Robb notes, the GOP’s most-trusted institutions are the military (1) and Amazon (3). …