‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Review

Dark Phoenix

Now that 21st Century Fox has become the property of Disney, one imagines that the nearly 20-year-old X-Men franchise will be rebooted* and integrated into the stunningly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point in the next few years. It may be worth taking a moment, then, to pay tribute to the series of films that most closely approximated what it’s like to read comic books.

‘Detective Pikachu’ Mini-Review

I don’t get it.

I mean, I get Detective Pikachu. The movie, that is. It’s not complicated, basically one part noir, one part cartoon, about a young man trying to figure out who killed his father, and why: a sillier Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, perhaps. I could talk about Justice Smith’s underwhelming performance as Tim Goodman or Ryan Reynolds’s amusing-but-tiring shtick as the voice of the titular yellow catlike Pokemon whose powers involve lightning, I think (it’s never really explained). Or about how something feels just a hair off with the computer animation; there’s an unreality when Tim pats Pikachu’s head, his hand seems to be resting just above it.

‘The Best of Enemies,’ ‘The Highwaymen’ Reviews

The Best of Enemies

Why do we go to the movies? Strike that: Why do we use that locution, “to the movies”? Movie theaters are the physical locations to which we are going, after all. The phrasing itself is a bit anachronistic in the age of Netflix and Hulu and Prime and the Criterion Channel and Shudder and Vudu: the movies seem to come to us as much as we go to them.

‘Shazam!’ Review

Sure, it’s a comic book origin story, hot on the heels of one comic book origin story released four weekends ago and just ahead of another comic book origin story coming next weekend. But Shazam! is fun and funny, anchored by a charismatic actor who brings some childlike joy to a genre that seems unlikely to wear out its welcome anytime soon.