Ingraham's Viewership Increases 20 Percent Since David Hogg's Boycott

Laura Ingraham at the Republican National Convention / Getty
Laura Ingraham at the Republican National Convention / Getty
April 16, 2018

Fox News host Laura Ingraham's viewership has gone up by 20 percent since gun control activist David Hogg initiated a boycott of her advertisers late last month.

Hogg went after "Ingraham Angle" advertisers on March 29, and that week Ingraham's ratings had averaged about 2.23 million, but last week she returned from vacation and her ratings climbed to around 2.7 million, NewsBusters reported. Hogg, a 17-year-old student who survived February's mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., targeted Ingraham's advertisers last month after she tweeted an article about him being turned down from four different campuses in the University of California school system.

The boycott, which was pushed by Media Matters for America among other liberal-leaning groups, led to at 27 companies dropping their ads from her show, as of Friday.

While Ingraham apologized on Twitter a day after the initial tweet, Hogg did not accept the apology and instead continued to call on his Twitter followers to help put pressure on Ingraham's advertisers. He shared the Media Matters article with a list of all her advertisers.

Within days of the boycott, Ingraham went on a previously planned family vacation with her kids. After she returned from the vacation on April 9, her total viewership from Monday to Thursday went up.

Ingraham tweeted out the article Monday afternoon with the caption, "THANK YOU."

Angelo Carusone, the president of Media Matters, pushed back on Ingraham's tweet by saying the size of her audience is irrelevant.

"Boom! Viewers don't mean a damn thing if you lost more than 50% of your ads," Carusone tweeted.