Left-Wing Journalists Celebrate David Koch's Death on Twitter

'He's dead? Oh well'

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
August 23, 2019

Several left-wing journalists took to Twitter this morning to celebrate the death of billionaire philanthropist and conservative donor David Koch. Koch, along with his older brother Charles, contributed millions of dollars to libertarian and conservative causes like looser regulations and lower taxes. But they were also accused of contributing to climate denial and only supporting political causes that enriched them.

Koch gave hundreds of millions of dollars to charities including medical facilities, along with museums and the New York City ballet.

"David Koch is dead. Forget the fawning obituaries: the man spent his life funding campaigns to dismantle unions, drive down wages, slash benefits and destroy the planet. He was a monument to the grotesque greed of the billionaire class - and why we need to defeat them," Tribune Magazine editor Ronan Burtenshaw tweeted.

Former Media Matters and current ShareBlue writer Oliver Willis sarcastically described Koch as a "great guy and humanitarian," and added, "He's dead? Oh well."

Other left-wing writers and journalists blasted Koch as a "villain" and wished "his soul would suffer for eternity."