Lawyer Wants Out of Louisiana Bar Association

Lawsuit argues mandatory membership dues constitute coerced speech, citing Janus decision

A Louisiana lawyer joined a growing number of attorneys challenging the payment of mandatory membership dues to state bar associations.

Film Studios Donate to John Bel Edwards After Hollywood Trip

Louisiana governor billed taxpayers to boost out-of-state fundraising

A flood of California political contributions went to Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards (D.) after he took a taxpayer-funded trip to Los Angeles that he said was aimed at boosting his state’s business relationship with the film industry.

Poll: Dem Support for John Bel Edwards Plummets After He Signs Abortion Bill

64% of young Democrats want Bel Edwards to face primary challenge

John Bel EdwardsDemocratic Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards (D.) damaged his standing with likely voters in his own party by signing restrictive abortion legislation, with many saying they'd be open to opposing his reelection and supporting a primary challenger, according to a new poll.

Dems Delay Abortion Vote to Protect Bel Edwards

Anti-abortion constitutional amendment vote pushed to 2020 for 'strategic reasons'

Louisiana Democrats chose to delay a ballot initiative on abortion due to a calculation that it could hurt 2019 reelection bids by Democrats such as Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Dem Activist: Follow John Bel Edwards, Not NARAL

Louisiana Gov. to sign pro-life bill as his partymates embrace unlimited abortion

Gov. John Bel EdwardsPro-life Democrats see a clear path to victory for the party in 2020 and beyond if they follow the example of Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards, rather than the lawmakers pushing unlimited abortions.