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From Powerful Unions to Everyday Voters, Biden's Gas-Powered Car Purge Prompts Backlash

Support for phasing out conventional vehicles down 7 points in two years

June 29, 2023

Female Union Leader Allegedly Threatened Her Husband's Accuser

Democratic San Diego County supervisor Nathan Fletcher is resigning after facing sexual assault accusations

March 31, 2023

Meet the Starbucks Union Activist Who Called a Palestinian Terrorist a 'Freedom Fighter'

Jaz Brisack is helming push to unionize Starbucks. The left-wing organizer also called for elimination of Israel, urged labor federations to reject police unions

March 27, 2023

DC Employee Says Union Official Assaulted Him for Opposing Labor Leadership

'The union should not be run as the personal fiefdom of union bosses who do everything they can to insulate themselves from accountability'

June 7, 2022

Union Returns Thousands of Dollars Improperly Taken From Workers' Paychecks

The California local agreed to pay more than $5,000 in a settlement

March 1, 2022

Labor Leaders Say Illinois Firefighters Can't Vote To Leave Union

SEIU attacks small fire department for pay raise to part-time employees

January 13, 2022