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Dem Governor Distances Himself From Ad Comparing Opponent to David Duke

John Bel Edwards has ties with leadership of PAC behind the ad

November 6, 2019

Louisiana Governor Took State Helicopter to Campaign Event

John Bel Edwards campaign says there was also official business on trip

August 29, 2019

MSNBC Calls Republican's Belief in Only Two Genders 'Incendiary'

Jansing: To be a mainstream Republican means to offend women, LGBT community

August 23, 2019

10 Most Popular Governors All Republicans

Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker tops the list

July 18, 2019

Film Studios Donate to John Bel Edwards After Hollywood Trip

Louisiana governor billed taxpayers to boost out-of-state fundraising

June 19, 2019
John Bel Edwards

Poll: Dem Support for John Bel Edwards Plummets After He Signs Abortion Bill

64% of young Democrats want Bel Edwards to face primary challenge

June 11, 2019

Dems Delay Abortion Vote to Protect Bel Edwards

Anti-abortion constitutional amendment vote pushed to 2020 for 'strategic reasons'

June 7, 2019
Gov. John Bel Edwards

Dem Activist: Follow John Bel Edwards, Not NARAL

Louisiana Gov. to sign pro-life bill as his partymates embrace unlimited abortion

June 1, 2019