10 Most Popular Governors All Republicans

Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker tops the list

Maryland governor Larry Hogan / Getty Images
July 18, 2019

The ten most popular governors in the country are all Republicans, according to a recent nationwide poll conducted by Morning Consult. 

Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker and Maryland governor Larry Hogan occupy the top two spots on the list, as both governors have approval ratings at or above 70 percent. Hogan and Baker's states have both voted Democrat in presidential elections for the past three decades but their moderate leadership has earned them wide praise from constituents. 

Newly elected Republican governors also received high approval ratings. Florida governor Ron DeSantis, Tennessee governor Bill Lee, and Wyoming governor Mark Gordon, all elected in 2018, have approval ratings at or above 57 percent. 

Democrats, meanwhile, have seven governors in the bottom ten of approval ratings.

Connecticut governor Ned Lamont's disapproval rating sits at 48 percent with only 32 percent of voters saying they approve of the job he is doing. Lamont's neighboring governor, Gina Raimondo of Rhode Island, also has an underwater approval rating with 55 percent of voters disapproving of her and only 38 percent of voters approving. 

The approval ratings of Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards and Kentucky governor Matt Bevin could foreshadow their re-election bids this fall. Bevin had the second worst approval rating with 32 percent approval and 56 percent disapproval. 

Edwards, on the other hand, has a net approval rating of 14 percent, as 47 percent of voters approve of his leadership with 33 percent of voters disapproving. 

There are currently 27 Republican governors and 23 Democrats.