Republican Lawmakers Introduce Bill to End Nationwide Legal Injunctions

'This bill will restore respect for the system of government outlined in the Constitution'

Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) and Rep. Mark Meadows (R., N.C.) introduced legislation to end nationwide injunctions after a California judge took action to stop a change in the Trump administration's asylum policy from going into effect.

Thousands Returned to Mexico Under Trump Immigration Policy

Records show 'Remain in Mexico' policy is cutting illegal immigration

Thousands of would-be illegal immigrants are being returned to await asylum hearings in Mexico as part of a program the Trump Administration has credited with curbing the recent wave of family migration at the southwestern border.

Do You Idiots Even Watch the Videos You Freak Out About?

You're all gullible or lying, and I've stopped caring which

Did you see that a Trump administration official dismissed the notion that the famous "give me your tired" poem on the Statue of Liberty applied today, by saying it was only about "people from Europe"? It's true! A guy from Talking Points Memo said so, and a whole bunch of objective journalists and serious politicians repeated it!

Biden Takes Trump’s Comments on MS-13 Out of Context

Politifact rates Biden's claim that Trump accused all immigrants of violence 'false'

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden on Wednesday claimed President Donald Trump asserted that immigrants would "carve you up with a knife," but Biden took Trump's words out of context and didn't mention he was referring to the murderous MS-13 gang.

A Batty Week at MSNBC

These folks really need to listen to Krystal Ball

Morning show hosts defending the inflammatory publication of conservative political donors by a prominent Democratic politician. A daytime host accusing the U.S. President of discussing "exterminating Latinos." A late-night analyst claiming the White House raising the American flags from half-mast on August 8 was a blow to the fight against neo-Nazis.