Energy Policy

NY AG’s Office Hiding Climate Activist’s Emails Behind Whistleblower Defense

Activist attorney has led charge for state legal action against 'Big Oil'

The New York attorney general's office is trying to use a whistleblower defense to keep emails between their office and a third-party attorney sealed and out of public view, despite the person at issue's active efforts to persuade governments across the country to sue large energy producers.

Open Records Lawsuits Probe Into Russian Support for U.S. Green Groups

Treasury, State sued for documents pertaining to Russian funding of anti-fracking efforts

The Treasury and State Departments have failed to respond to open records requests seeking "certain correspondence and related records discussing Russian funding of environmental pressure groups' advocacy in the United States," according to lawsuits filed today against Treasury and Monday against State.

Clinton at Odds With Top Campaign Aide on Fracking

Hillary Clinton predicts her plan will stifle extraction technology responsible for half of US oil and gas

As Hillary Clinton tries to ward off a grassroots primary challenge, she has adopted energy policy views significantly to the left even of her own campaign chairman.

Powering America

Candidates provide different paths for American energy economy

The United States sits atop massive energy resources that could, if developed, drive down energy prices and spur the economy. And the two presidential candidates’ energy policies approach this opportunity in very different ways, experts say.