Aides Fear Biden's Frail Brain Can't Handle 'Psychological Torment' of Hunter's Trial: Report

WH staffers don't discuss crackhead son 'for fear of an angry rebuke' from POTUS

(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
May 15, 2024

Democrats are doing everything they can to make sure President Joe Biden doesn't die before Election Day. That means doing their best to coddle the 81-year-old president, whose old and damaged brain makes him prone to fits of violent rage.

White House staffers are particularly worried about the "psychological torment" that Hunter Biden's ongoing legal challenges will inflict on the president. Hunter, 54, is scheduled to stand trial in Delaware next month on felony gun charges and is also awaiting trial on tax fraud charges in California.

"Three advisers granted anonymity to speak about private deliberations said they, and members of the First Family, are worried about the weight Hunter Biden’s trial will place on the president at an already difficult time for him politically," Politico reported on Wednesday. "Biden has expressed fears to them about the possibility that his son will serve time in prison."

Biden is also reportedly concerned about how the stress of the criminal trials could affect Hunter's alleged sobriety. Hunter claims to have been sober since 2019 following a multi-year stint as a world-renowned crackhead and sex fiend.

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Aides are worried Biden's delicate brain can only handle so much emotional turmoil, which is one reason why most of them are reluctant to even mention Hunter's legal issues in conversations with the president. Another reason is Biden's notoriously volatile temper, a common symptom of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. According to Politico, aides typically refrain from discussing Hunter in the White House "for fear of an angry rebuke or an icy stare" from President Biden.