Conor Lamb

ANALYSIS: 6 Pairs of Freshmen House Democrats Whose Combined Age Is Younger Than Nancy Pelosi’s

Nancy Pelosi, 78, is in line to become the oldest person to ever hold the office of Speaker of the House. If enough Democrats support Pelosi’s bid for a third term as speaker, she would only need to serve until her birthday on March 26, 2019, to become the first octogenarian in American history to lead the House of Representatives. The previous record is held by Sam Rayburn, who died in office at age 79.

GOP Hopes Tax Cut Bill is Sweet Spot in Western Pennsylvania

Saccone and Trump Jr. tour candy shop that gave out 80 new jobs thanks to tax bill

Saccone Trump JRCANONSBURG, Pa.—Republican Rick Saccone spent his final day on the campaign trail with Donald Trump Jr. touring the historic Sarris chocolate factory, which increased employment by 20 percent since Republicans passed tax cuts in December.

National Union Boss Hails Conor Lamb as ‘God-Fearing, Gun-Owning Democrat’

Labor leaders work to bridge gap between Democratic Party and working-class voters

Conor LambWAYNESBURG, Pa. — A leading national labor union official hailed Conor Lamb as a "God-fearing, union-supporting, gun-owning Democrat" during a rally in the final days before the first congressional election of 2018. Lamb, the Democratic candidate for Tuesday's special election in western Pennsylvania, delivered a short five-minute speech during the event to pledge his "non-negotiable" support for labor unions, but the main event was Cecil Roberts, president of the United Mine Workers of America and a member of the AFL-CIO's executive council.

Conor Lamb Worked Behind Scenes to Quash Concerns Over Israel Comments

Lamb campaign now says he ‘evolved’ from position that Israel is guilty of terrorism

Democrat Conor LambDemocrat Conor Lamb has been working behind the scenes to push back against concerns in the Jewish community over a Washington Free Beacon report on his statement that the Israeli government deliberately targeted civilians and was guilty of terrorism.

Conor Lamb Says He Opposes 20-Week Abortion Ban

Conor LambConor Lamb, the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district special election, said Monday that he does not support proposals to ban abortion after the mother reaches 20 weeks of pregnancy.