Chris Matthews Tells Conor Lamb 'You Have to Vote' Pelosi if 'You're the Democratic Congressman'

February 27, 2018

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews on Tuesday said Pennsylvania congressional candidate Conor Lamb has to vote for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) if he is elected to Congress.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has released ads tying Lamb to Pelosi, but Lamb has said he won't support Pelosi if he is elected.

"By the way, Republican are trying to sink Lamb by tying him to House Minority [Leader] Nancy Pelosi, who is broadly unpopular. Those attacks have apparently fallen flat particularly because Lamb says he won't back Pelosi as the Speaker," Matthews said. "He better vote for her. She may not get elected. You have to vote for the Speaker if you're the Democratic congressman."

The Cook Political Report recently released an analysis on the Pennsylvania 18th congressional district, moving the March race from "lean Republican to toss-up" in the battle between Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone.

The NRCC recently hit Lamb on his record with an ad called "Dirty Secrets."

During a trip to Pennsylvania, Vice President Mike Pence shed light on Lamb's comments that he didn’t believe the Republican tax overhaul solved the district's "real problems."

"Now, I'm not going to tell you much about [Lamb] today, because he won't tell Pennsylvania much about himself or what he believes in," Pence said. "The only thing Conor Lamb will say is that he didn't support cutting taxes for hardworking Pennsylvanians. Folks, that says everything you need to know."