Biden Drug Team Ices Out Pro-Legalization Progressives

Pres. elect pivots from pro-drug play for votes during election

Joe BidenThe team slated to lead Joe Biden's transition at a top drug agency is devoid of representatives of progressive drug policy organizations, a departure from the president-elect's conciliatory stance on the campaign trail.

‘Shoot Them in the Leg’

Experts question the practicality of Biden’s guidance for cops facing imminent and violent assault

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden repeated his controversial contention Thursday that police should try to shoot dangerous suspects in the leg as a form of de-escalation.

Harris Refuses to Back Stronger Police Presence

Candidate reverses former position as district attorney

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris on Sunday refused to back her former position as San Francisco's district attorney that strong police presence reduces crime, instead saying the country must "reimagine" law enforcement in high-crime communities.