Ben Rhodes

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Former Obama Foreign Policy Hand Disappointed in Biden’s Pro-Israel Posture

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

Ben Rhodes laments Biden administration's 'defensive crouch' toward Israel

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Former Iranian Hostage Slams Biden’s Iran Envoy Pick

Sunday, January 24th, 2021

Former hostage: Robert Malley and Ben Rhodes dismiss 'concerns of former political prisoners and U.S. hostages'

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Castro Open to Quid Pro Quo for Israeli Aid

Monday, October 28th, 2019

Says U.S. should reestablish consulate in east Jerusalem

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Ben Rhodes Should Probably Shut Up About Foreign Policy

Monday, September 16th, 2019

Whatever happened to his dream of becoming a novelist?

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Progressives Discard the Truth to Demonize Israel

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

Rhodes's lies, Tlaib's bigotry, and a creepy obsession with the Jewish state