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WATCH: Dem Congressman Scolds Colleague for Using Term 'Man-Hours'

Adam Smith: 'That would be "person-hours," not necessarily "man-hours." We do have women serving in the military.'

June 21, 2023

GOP Hawks Say the Only Thing Cut From the Pentagon Will Be 'Wokeness'

'I can't think of a worse time to cut defense spending than now,' Rep. Mike Gallagher says

March 1, 2023

California Colleges Violate Anti-Terrorism Laws by Hosting Palestinian Terrorist, Lawmaker Warns

Universities take another stab at hosting online event with terrorist hijacker

April 22, 2021

Manchin Caves on Colin Kahl

Committee votes to send Biden defense pick to Senate floor

March 24, 2021

McCaskill Missed Nearly Half of All Armed Services Hearings

Largest absences occurred while running for re-election in 2012

October 29, 2018