American Sniper

Popularity of American Sniper Boosts Sales of Pro-Military Clothes

One company has seen sales more than double

The popularity of Clint Eastwood's new drama 'American Sniper' has boosted the sales of pro-military clothing. A number of pro-military retailers said they had seen a noticeable spike in sales since the movie premiered across the country last weekend. One retailer had even seen his orders more than double.

I Haven’t Read Dennis C. Jett’s New Book, But It Looks Like Garbage

Dennis C. Jett is a professor of international affairs at Penn State, a university best known for covering up the rape of small children so as to not bring shame to its football program. Before accepting the role of professor at the notorious school, he was an ambassador to noted powerhouse American allies Peru and Mozambique, plum gigs he received after almost three decades in the foreign service. In his spare time, he writes essays about movies that he has not seen for Poke Button Pioneer Chris Hughes' New Republic. These essays are then used to denigrate the film he hasn't seen and hurt their Oscar chances.