American Sniper

Boomer Wins: University of Maryland Will Show American Sniper

School calls the movie's cancellation a "teachable moment"

Less than a week after former NFL star and University of Maryland Alumni Boomer Esiason threaten to cut off his support for the school over the cancelation of screenings of the film American Sniper on campus the school confirmed a new screening of the movie has been scheduled.

University of Maryland Student Group Cancels Screenings of American Sniper

'Universities are always trying to satisfy the political correctness police'

A student group at the University of Maryland has canceled screenings of American Sniper after a petition against the movie was circulated by the school's Muslim Student Association. Student Entertainment Events (SEE) announced the cancellation of all the May screenings of the movie on Wednesday. The group said they would try to schedule an alternative event in the future.

University of Michigan Caves, Will Play American Sniper

Coach Harbaugh: 'Proud to be an American & if that offends anybody then so be it!'

The University of Michigan announced late Wednesday night that they would be showing American Sniper after all despite concerns that the film would make students feel "unsafe."

President Obama, Chris Kyle, Sheepdogs, and Wolves

The growing divide between the way Obama and U.S. troops see the world

The Washington Post has a long article on President Obama’s attitude toward military action. This issue is especially important because “the president faces mounting pressure to send more troops to Iraq to help in the battle against Islamic State extremists,” as reporter Greg Jaffe puts it. The administration officials that Jaffe spoke to have an interesting explanation for the president's reluctance to intervene further in Iraq. It’s all about the troops. Jaffe’s piece begins with a dramatic tale from 2012 regarding the president’s meeting with a mortuary affairs team in Afghanistan, an experience, we are told, that was part of his growing reluctance to sacrifice American lives abroad:

Texas to Declare ‘Chris Kyle Day’

February 2nd will mark a day of remembrance for the famed sniper

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is honoring Chris Kyle by setting aside a day in his memory, Abbott announced his intention in his most recent speech.