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U.S. Forces Ordered to Stop Using Gender Pronouns to Improve 'Lethality'

Pacific Air Force base bans references to gender, age, and race

August 31, 2022

Air Force Chief: China Acquiring Nuclear First Strike, Ability To Attack From Space

Air Force does not have a 'moment to lose,' Frank Kendall says

September 21, 2021

Chinese Arctic Incursion Spooks Lawmakers

Chinese vessels patrol waters near Alaska as Beijing increases Arctic aims

September 20, 2021

White House Gives in to Liberal Push to Stall Nuclear Modernization

Experts warn America's outdated nuclear arsenal threatens national security

August 12, 2021

Nomination Delays Spur Pentagon Personnel Crisis

Only six appointees confirmed by Senate as threats from Russia and China grow

July 21, 2021

Lawmaker Demands Removal of Air Force Professor Who Promoted Critical Race Theory

'If we allow this destructive ideology to be taught in our Military Service Academies, we will be responsible for this nation's demise'

July 8, 2021

Russian Nuclear Submarines 'On Par' With US, Top General Says

Yasen-class submarine could put U.S. fleet at risk

June 17, 2021