Prominent Native American Lawmaker Robbed of Historic Cabinet Post

Biden snubs Warren, taps Haaland to lead Dept. of Interior

• December 18, 2020 1:25 pm


In what can only be seen as a snub toward a former primary opponent, President-elect Joe Biden announced his intention to nominate Rep. Deb Haaland (D., N.M.) to lead the Department of the Interior.

That means Haaland, founder of Pueblo Salsa, is set to make history as the first Native American to serve in a senior cabinet position. She will follow in the footsteps of Charles Curtis, a Republican member of the Kaw Nation and the first person of color to serve as vice president. (Kamala Harris will be the second.)

Many had expected Biden to make history by tapping America's foremost Native American politician, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), for a senior cabinet post. Warren, the first woman of color to teach at Harvard Law School, was clearly the more qualified candidate.

Biden's choice may have been motivated by hurt feelings over Warren's attacks on him during the Democratic primary, when Warren suggested that nominating a "Washington insider" such as Biden would be a "big risk for our party and our country" and repeatedly shamed him for supporting Obamacare.

Maybe the transition team learned that she's pregnant? Either way, she deserves better.