The Jill Biden Guide to Racial Diversity

Respected doctor under fire for comparing Hispanics to tacos

July 12, 2022

Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D., is a respected academic intellect and celebrated children's book author who deserves to be taken seriously. Readers described her 2020 masterpiece, Joey: The Story of Joe Biden, as "light on substance" but "accompanied by drawings that are well done." Her 2022 biography, Jill, sold at least 250 copies.

Alas, the first lady continues to be criticized for the sin of being a powerful woman in a patriarchal society. She has been described (by her degenerate crackhead stepson) as a "selfish silly entitled c—t" who "wouldn't survive one class in a ivy [sic] graduate program." The National Association of Hispanic Journalists on Monday condemned the first lady's "lack of cultural knowledge" after she praised the Latino community for being "as unique as … breakfast tacos" during her speech at the Latinx IncluXion Luncheon in San Antonio.

Hunter Biden and other critics of Dr. Jill need to accept the possibility that she is simply smarter than they are. She's an experienced educator who knows how to communicate with students and children and cognitively impaired adults. She might pronounce certain Spanish words differently than the rest of us, but the doctor's detractors need to make a better case for why the Jill Biden approach to raXial incluXivity is the wrong approach.

The Washington Free Beacon is proud to be a woman-led organization that values the opinions of prominent female leaders with graduate degrees. Accordingly, we present to you:

Dr. Jill Biden's Incluxive Guide to the Races of the World








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