WFB's Alana Goodman and Ellison Barber Discuss The Hillary-Alinsky Letters

September 22, 2014

Washington Free Beacon staff writers Alana Goodman and Ellison Barber appeared on The Blaze TV to discuss Goodman's recent article revealing correspondence between Hillary Clinton and left-wing political activist Saul Alinsky in the early 1970s.

"We already knew that Hillary Clinton had some sort of relationship with Saul Alinsky--she wrote her Wellsley College thesis on him in 1969--but we didn't really know the extent of it," Goodman said. "These letters show that they clearly were pretty close; they had a friendship."

Goodman said that because Alinsky remains a controversial figure in American history, particularly due to his role in the labor movement and community organizing in Chicago, an examination of his role in influencing Clinton's ideology during the formative years of her political career remains relevant.

"I think that there is kind of this idea among many of the people in the media that Hillary Clinton's past has just been picked over, there's nothing else there, that in 2016 the real vetting that the media will have to do will take place against Republicans," Goodman said.

"But I think that the Free Beacon stories that we have done, our coverage of Hillary Clinton over the past year, has shown that she also has vetting that can be done of her background as well, and there's new information that could come to light."