Wendy Davis Announces She’s Running for Congress

'I'm running for our children and grandchildren, so they can live and love'

• July 22, 2019 10:15 am


Failed Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis is putting on her pink shoes and running for office again.

The former Texas state senator announced Monday she would seek the Democratic nomination to challenge Rep. Chip Roy (R., Texas) in Texas's 21st Congressional District.

Davis, who became a media and progressive sensation in 2013 with an ultimately unsuccessful filibuster of a pro-life bill in the Texas legislature, said in her announcement video she was running "for our children and grandchildren."

"I'm running for Congress because people's voices are still being silenced," she said in an announcement video. "I'm running for our children and grandchildren, so they can live and love and fight for change themselves."

She'll have to hope it goes better than her last bid for elected office.

Propelled by her viral filibuster, Davis won the Texas Democratic nomination for the governor's race in 2014. She ran a widely panned campaign, however, teetering between embracing stances too liberal for Texas and unconvincingly pitching herself to the middle. She also ran an ad targeting Republican opponent Greg Abbott, a paraplegic, by showing an empty wheelchair and saying he spent his career working against other victims.

It was called "one of the nastiest campaign ads you'll ever see" and criticized as desperate and cringe-worthy by even liberal media pundits.

When the dust settled, Abbott had crushed her by more than 20 points, the worst showing by a Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Texas since 1998.

"I've learned that I'm at my best when I'm fighting for people, and even in losing, we help shape the future," she said.

Davis's video featured her late father and focused on her background, motherhood, and eventual graduation from Harvard Law School. It also included clips of her abortion filibuster and a close-up of her pink shoes, which dazzled the press and were eventually obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Roy won his seat by three points in 2018. The district includes parts of Austin, the state capital, and the area north of San Antonio.

The National Republican Congressional Committee released a statement taunting Davis over her failed bid in 2014 and said she would lose again.

"It's beyond parody that Wendy Davis is attempting to make her political comeback in a district she lost by 20 points last time around. Texans resoundingly rejected Davis and her socialist agenda 5 years ago, and will do so again in 2020," spokesman Bob Salera said.