Warren Supporter Blames Lagging Poll Numbers on Democrats' Sexism

February 3, 2020

An Iowa supporter of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) blamed Warren's lagging poll numbers on sexism, saying the Democrats' sexism was hurting the candidate.

"Some supporters believe sexism has played a role in Warren's recent struggles," WMUR political director Adam Sexton said in a report from Iowa. "Oh absolutely, absolutely. From both the sides, both Democrat and Republican," a supporter told Sexton.

"A big part of the allure for Iowans who have pledged to caucus for Warren is making her the first woman president," Sexton continued. "I'm glad to say that I support her not just because she's a woman, though," another supporter said. "But I think that it would really show a lot of young girls what they can do and what they can achieve."

At the last Democratic debate, Warren accused her opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) of saying that a woman could not win the presidency during a private dinner in 2018. Sanders denied he made the comment. Warren accused Sanders of calling her a liar.

Warren blamed her recent struggles on the impeachment trial. "I've been in Washington for, it feels like years, and I haven't been able to get out and talk to as many folks in Iowa," Warren told an Iowa crowd.

Sexton said Warren is trying to sell a message of unity as the Democratic candidates enter the Iowa caucuses.

"We may have had some different ideas, we may have had some different ways of going about it, but in the end, we all have one goal. And we better come together to meet that goal. We are going to beat Donald Trump," Warren said.

Recent polling indicates that the Iowa caucuses will be tightly contested as the top four candidates are separated by single digits. A Washington Post analysis found Warren in fourth place after leading the pack at the beginning of November.