Wagner: Something 'Disconcerting' About Clinton Not Taking Public Keystone Stance

July 29, 2015

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner questioned Hillary Clinton’s decision not to weigh in on the Keystone Pipeline XL debate Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton’s refusal to give her opinion on Keystone has frustrated many, and led to some predicting political damage for the move.

"There is something ornery about saying ‘I'll basically answer that when I’m president’ that I think is disconcerting to people who want to know where she stands on an issue," Wagner said.

BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins quipped, "Hillary Clinton has never been known to be cynical or calculating."

"This is one of the byproducts of basically a coronation for Hillary Clinton," Coppins said. "She doesn’t really have to take positions like this that are tricky for her."

Ana Marie Cox initially said she approved of Clinton’s silence.

"It is sort of an honest answer," Coz said. "I mean if you don't make any campaign promises, you won't break any campaign promises."

But Cox surmised Clinton’s refusal to speak on the Keystone would only feed into a negative narrative of her cautious campaign.

"I think this represents her entire campaign which is ‘trust me, you know me. I'll do the right thing," she said. "Don't ask for specifics.’"

Clinton has been derided for only offering generalities on a number of issues.

"She wants to convey this general sense of ‘I’m for you, whoever you are,’" Cox said.