Trump Retweets Gif of Him Hitting Golf Ball Into Clinton's Back

Donald Trump greets Hillary Clinton in Statuary Hall in the US Capitol for the Inaugural Luncheon on Jan 20 / Getty
September 17, 2017

President Donald Trump was active on Twitter Sunday morning, and one of his actions was to retweet a days-old gif depicting him hitting a golf ball that hits former opponent Hillary Clinton in her back.

In the gif, Trump hits off the tee, and the next scene showed the actual clip of Clinton slipping and falling as she got into a plane in Yemen while Secretary of State. Someone animated it to look like a golf ball pegged Clinton in the back to make her fall.

Clinton was back in the news this week promoting her 2016 election memoir What Happened, which is sharply critical of Trump and pins her election loss on FBI Director James Comey's handling of her email investigation, among other factors.

That was just one of several pro-Trump graphics and tweets that the president sent out to more than 38 million followers.

Trump also retweeted a story from Bloomberg about Trump being worth an estimated $2 billion to Twitter, referred to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as "Rocket Man," and wrote it was his "great honor" to donate $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Trump drew media criticism in July when he retweeted a gif of himself wrestling Vince McMahon to the ground with the CNN logo superimposed over his head.